13 content formats for colourful variety on the website

by Guidebook

Outstanding content is the be-all and end-all of a successful website. It improves the search engine ranking and attracts satisfied visitors to your site. But which content formats are suitable to arouse interest?

Classic articles are very popular as blog posts. But it doesn't always have to be the standard body text plus cover image.

There are various content formats - and it pays to have the courage to be diverse. Because not every user prefers the same content. Some like it holistic, many like it short and crisp and others don't like to read at all, but prefer to listen.

Let your content be as diverse as the people themselves.


Professionals, life artists or just Mr Otto from across the street - everyone has something to tell. And if it's relevant to your site, it creates wonderful stories that offer your readers (and you) a lot: Practical expert tips, success stories or inspiration.

Interviews can be presented in different formats. For example, as a question-and-answer text in original sound, packaged as a story or even as audio or video. I personally love it, Quotes from the conversations in the foreground to put. Many of them will be remembered for a long time.

Lexicon entries (cheat sheets)

Explain recurring terms and concepts from your field of expertise once and for all in snappy articles. Ideally on an extra encyclopaedia page and sorted alphabetically. Not only those who don't read will be happy about this. But anyone who is baffled by various technical terms.

In other articles, you then simply link to the corresponding encyclopaedia entry - making complicated explanations in the body text or the obligatory link to Wikipedia easier. A win-win situation.

(Check)listen & How To's

How to do, things to do, the best 10 X... Readers love lists, as do the authors. Because posts in list format are not only super easy to scan in no time at all, but you don't have to be a literary genius to create them.


  • Hurray for the bullet points!


Every entrepreneur or blogger knows them: the recurring customer questions. So why not answer them once and for all? The users are satisfied and you save a lot of time in the future.


Favourite colour, career wish as a child or dreams that still have to be fulfilled... Profile cards are a wonderful way to describe people in a creative way and to satisfy the curiosity of others. After all, friends books were not so popular for nothing (do they still exist today?). But not only people can be described in a profile, but also animals, plants, tools - or how about your company?


A review is a critical examination and evaluation of, for example, a book, film or software. This not only provides valuable Insights into a usually complex topicbut also helps readers with Purchase decisions. Especially if you read a lot of (specialised) literature or test things anyway, it is worthwhile to immortalise your impressions and experiences in a review.


If you already have a sufficiently active community, you can start surveys and then present interesting results. Perhaps in connection with a fancy graphic or a video? There is hardly a topic on which surveys cannot be created.


Numbers, dates, facts... are often unavoidable. However, they can make a text quite viscous. But visualised in a graphic, they can be "digested" much better without many words. Moreover, graphics are very popular with people. In this article you will find Suggestions for practical tools to create infographics.


People who want to get information but don't feel like reading watch videos. Visual recordings are therefore an excellent way to increase the reach. However, you need a certain amount of know-how and the necessary equipment. However, small video projects can already be mastered with the smartphone - for example live videos for Social media like Facebook and Co.


are wonderful for those who don't like to be in front of or behind the camera, but can still talk well. An interview, a statement on a current topic or just a nice story - all this can be packed into a podcast. And they are relatively uncomplicated to create.


Online seminars - so-called webinars - are a particularly costly but nevertheless worthwhile content format. You package your expertise in videos and presentations, which users can usually register for. Free webinars are a particularly effective form of content marketing. In these, you offer some selected information free of charge as a "foretaste" of a more in-depth, exclusive offer.

Photos and picture series

Pictures often say more than 1000 words. This is shown not least by the success of #Instagram.

Comics, sketches and picture stories

Admittedly, not everyone can draw. But if you can, you might be able to conjure up a great story. Or underline content in a creative way. How about a tutorial or your company story in comic style?

What content will you decide on next? Experimentation is allowed - you as the author will also benefit from the variety!

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