26 valuable content ideas for your corporate blog

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A corporate blog is an effective tool in content marketing. It helps your company to get more traffic and also offers the opportunity to show personality and competence. But it also presents you with new challenges. Besides the necessary resources, you need ideas for content with added value. If you didn't know what to write about before, you'll find the inspiration you need here.

"What am I supposed to blog about as little XY on my website? There's nothing interesting to tell..."

If you think that, you are selling yourself short. Every small and large company can tell exciting stories - whether it's a yoga school, a handicraft business, a soap manufactory or a sports club. Be bold and confident. With the following list, finding a topic for your Corporate Blog no longer an obstacle.

26 content ideas for your corporate blog


Encounters with people

Are there clients or network partners who have particularly inspired or touched you? Write about them! This not only shows your personality, but also proves that you value other people.



Attend and report on events related to your industry.


Mistakes and learning effects

What mistakes have you already made in your profession - and what have you learned from them?


Myths and facts

In every industry there are myths that become firmly entrenched in society's beliefs. Lay your cards openly on the table.


Questions and answers

Surely you can think of recurring questions from customers. Answer them in a series of articles. Or ask specifically on social media platforms about which topic your community would like to learn more about.


The team

Introduce your staff and departments.


Employee contributions

Hand over word and pen (or keyboard) to your team. In this way, amusing "office stories" and perspective-rich impressions of everyday working life are created.


Secret of the company name

How the hell did he come up with that name? Whether it's a crazy idea or strategic naming tell us!


Your Story

What made you start this company/project? What were the successes and setbacks?


How to-contributions

Explain in steps how something works. This is one of the most popular blogpost forms. Why? Because we are all looking for answers to our problems.



They offer your customers help on how to use your products correctly and are excellent content for a blog.



À la "in 10 steps to [...]" or "9 Things You Should Avoid When [...]"... readers love lists! They are clear and easy to digest.



If you produce an edible product, what can customers conjure up from it?


Insights into everyday working life

Feel free to tell us what your day is like.


Insight into private life

Does a management consultant prefer to go golfing or bal folk dancing in his spare time? Does a yoga teacher secretly fly to Ballermann to compensate? And which after-work beer does a winemaker prefer? We are already bursting with curiosity!


Trends and news

What's the latest news from your industry and scene? If you plan such articles, you will always be up to date yourself.


Company News

Maybe you are starting a new project or organising a public event - let potential interested parties know.



...offer a great change from classic articles. For example, you can interview an expert from your industry, but also regular customers or employees.


Presentation of new products or services

This way, your customers already know what they can look forward to next. But make sure that the blogposts don't sound like advertisements.


(inter)national theme days and holidays

Whether World Environment Day, Craft Day or Christmas - use special days for a special contribution.


Social commitment

If your company supports a good cause, you can go ahead and tell it.


Book or film reviews

Have you read a great relevant book or watched an interesting documentary? Then feature it on your blog!


How customers use your products

Besides a good story, you show what your product can do and provide the necessary imagination of what product XY could be useful for.


Guest contributions from experts from your industry

In this way, you not only offer varied content, but also increase your reach. Because the guest author will most likely share and link to the article.


Results from studies and surveys

Either they can present relevant results from external sources or they start a survey themselves. For example, about which colours the new product XY should have. Or on which date you should offer the upcoming course.


Lexicon entries ("cheat sheets")

Recurring technical terms and important concepts from your subject area can be wonderfully explained in the form of short encyclopaedia articles. This pleases the busy reader who has no time to look for a suitable definition himself. And you can link to it elsewhere on your website and thus avoid repeated need for explanation.

Ideas found - and now what?

As you scanned the list, you probably already had one or two items in mind. Great, you have set the ball rolling! Now it's time to take your time, get specific, plan and persevere! Because It takes a while for a corporate blog to bear fruit.

First of all, take a few hours and list concrete contribution topics. You can also divide these directly into different categories. You can also use the following these strategies to find suitable content ideas. In the next step, create a Editorial plan and integrate it firmly into your workflow.

Time has you never know. That's why you need to make time specifically for the blog posts. take.

How about, for example, a blogging-friday?

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