4 content marketing examples that you too can implement

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Content marketing At first, it sounds like you need (1) a marketing expert and (2) a lot of money to implement it. These are things that only the big players have. But content marketing is also possible for small businesses, craft enterprises, associations or projects. Admittedly, the necessary small change makes a lot of things easier in life. But: much more important than a fat bank account are good content, creativity and perseverance. Here's a little inspiration of what it could look like.

Classic advertising always costs a lot of money. Moreover, it is no longer that effective nowadays, because many people have switched on their tunnel vision. With content marketing, on the other hand, you "advertise" your project without advertising. This is possible even with a small budget. The magic formula is: good contentsthat offer your target group exactly what they need. At the same time, you will increase traffic to your site and improve your SEO.

Especially as a small business, you can do it with creativity, Personality and authenticity create a stable bridge to your target group through good content. What can this look like in practice? For example, like this:

Examples of content marketing


Delicious recipe inspiration at Veganz

Veganz is a vegan supermarket chain from Berlin. 

In their assortment you can find everything a vegan's heart desires. But it is not only in the shop that customers are inspired by variety and unusual items, but also on the website. At Veganz Blog the interested reader will find suggestions about the vegan lifestyle, travelling or making cosmetics themselves. In addition there are lots of recipe ideas for purely plant-based delicacies. Whether carrot cake, vegan mac 'n cheese or beetroot burgers - the next dinner is saved. If you still need the necessary ingredients, you can find them in the Veganz online shop.


The blog for the soul of Rituals

Rituals does not use any special ingredients, nor is it - and this may sound surprising to some - a natural cosmetic.

Nevertheless, the Amsterdam-based cosmetics company founded in 2000 has managed to give its products a very special aura of Far Eastern traditions and naturalness. And so Rituals appeals not only to people's desire for beauty, but also for inner peace

Fittingly, the company maintains a High-quality blog or online magazine.

"Slow down and find a moment of pace in the ebb and flow of your daily life".it says.

It's about yoga, mindfulness, skin care and beautiful moments. In other words, things that many people who are not (yet) looking for body care products are also looking for. Rituals thus manages to pick people up on a completely different level.

Professionally, I critically examine ingredients in the cosmetics industry, among other things. Therefore, I know that Rituals products are far from what they convey and hardly differ from conventional drugstore products. Nevertheless, after browsing through the magazine, I have to admit: Chapeau!

I think I should go to another yoga class as soon as possible and afterwards take a relaxing bath....


Helpful "How To" videos from OBI and master craftsmen

A wonderful form of content marketing is "how to" instructions, especially in the form of videos.

Obi offers a good example of this You want to know how to lay a sod, plant a hedge or build a raised bed? In short videos, the target group of the DIY store finds answers to all kinds of home and garden work - the first step to solving their problem. Step 2 would then be a visit to a DIY store to get the necessary tools for the project...

Now Obi is of course a well-known brand. However, the fact that such content is not only possible for large DIY stores, but also for the "small" craft businesses, is shown by the Youtube channel of Lothar Jansen-Greef. While the simple website of the master carpenter from Hesse looks less than spectacular, his YouTube channel offers a wealth of detailed information videos on the topics of carpentry, craftsmanship and restoration. The whole thing was recorded with a simple video camera in his own workshop. No frills, no great post-processing of the videos. But with a lot of expert knowledge and helpful tips for the hobby craftsman.


The magazine from Globetrotter: wanderlust pre-programmed

Globetrotter is one of Europe's leading outdoor retailers. To feed the adventurous spirit of its target group and optimally prepare globetrotters for their next trip, Globetrotter publishes an in-depth magazine four times a year This can either be taken into the branches in print format, read online or downloaded as a PDF - free of charge.

In addition to reports on breathtaking trips and the right equipment, each issue also features a Globetrotter employee. If that doesn't boost confidence in the company!

Admittedly, a lot of work and money goes into Globetrotter's professionally designed magazines - and not everyone can afford such an elaborate form of content marketing. But maybe a mini version or a newsletter without advertising but with lots of useful content will do!

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