The Corporate Blog: Success strategy with personality

by Guidebook

The corporate blog is now much more than just an insider tip in content marketing. Especially for young companies and start-ups, it is often part of the good tone right from the start. But it is also starting to catch on with the "old hands". In today's article, you will learn why a corporate blog is also worthwhile for you - whether you are a master painter, business coach or olive oil producer.

Corporate blogs are blogs that belong to a company and are integrated into the corresponding website. From the outside, they do not really differ from a private blog, but the goal is usually different. The blog is not the centre of attention here, but it serves the companies as a mouthpiece and marketing tool: it is supposed to draw people's attention to the company and put it in the right light.

In short: it's worth it

Admittedly, a corporate blog is not something you can just pull out of your sleeve. Rather, it is an ongoing task and requires both time and sufficient planning. And yet: if you have the capacity, don't shy away from the effort. Properly implemented, a company blog can be a real boost for your success in the long run!

The advantages at a glance:

  • More traffic and better ranking. A blog offers the possibility to regularly Relevant and high quality content to publish. This not only helps you to be found better on the web, but Google also rewards you with a higher ranking. A "normal" company website, on the other hand, usually lacks the possibilities to generate new content.
  • Customer acquisition or generation of leads. More traffic also means more potential customers. Not everyone who comes to your site via the blog will be interested in what you have to offer. But if a user likes what he reads, he might come back at some point or recommend you to a friend.
  • Strengthening competence and trust. No one wants to buy a pig in a poke. Through a blog, you can demonstrate your expertise and show that you really know your stuff.
  • Personality. A blog always conveys a bit of personality and your own opinion. This gives your company a face. It becomes much more tangible for an interested party. In addition, the comment function (which should not be missing from any contribution) offers an uncomplicated form of communication.
  • Fodder for social media. Most companies have now switched to social platforms represented. There you often ask yourself: what should I post? How about a blog post of your own!
  • Trying out themes. A blog is also a great way to get to grips with a topic. One where you don't yet know how your customers will react.
  • Personal learning effect. Nobody knows everything - not even in their own business. You can use blog posts to deal intensively with a topic and thus not only offer your readers added value, but also yourself.

What should a corporate blog contain?

There is no such thing as THE perfect corporate blog.

It is important that it looks alive and real, fits your company and represents added value for the user. This also means that you are welcome to include your own opinion. For purely objective research, there are newspapers and magazines.

Suitable content for a corporate blog could be, for example:

  • Topicsassociated with the company
  • Valuable Additional information around products and services of a company (e.g. sweet recipe suggestions at a chocolate manufacturer).
  • Expert tips and counselling
  • Contributions from Employees (a "staff blog") or introduction of the employees
  • News from the industry

Of course, you can mix different content forms. Basically try to Finding content ideasThe aim of the project is to create a platform where you can simultaneously pursue the interests of your company (usually more reach and more customers) and offer users added value.

Dont's: better not like this

A corporate blog offers many advantages - if it is implemented correctly. Otherwise, it can backfire.

You should therefore avoid these mistakes at all costs:

  • Without a plan and strategy you won't get far. You need to ask yourself important questions in advance, for example: What goals should the blog pursue? or What topics are relevant? You also need an editorial plan.
  • Likewise you will without the necessary resources (time, staff, money...) starve halfway. For a lively company blog, you need sufficient capacity.
  • Who only blogging" every leap year or the obligatory New Year's greetingit would be better to leave it alone. Because: if a corporate blog is missing, hardly anyone will ask themselves "Strange, why doesn't the company have a blog? There's something wrong with them!". But if If you have one, but the last contribution dates back to 2010, users tend to wonder what went wrong.
  • Press articles, anniversary reports, internal Christmas parties... usually interest no one - except perhaps the press and your staff.
  • Of course, a corporate blog should benefit your company and serve online marketing. But the visitor doesn't necessarily have to notice that immediately. Aggressive marketing can quickly backfire here - it arouses mistrust and has a deterrent effect. Especially when a user simply wants to inform himself. Besides, the typical marketing gobbledygook no longer has anything to do with a blog.
  • Annoying advertisements from Amazon & Co. also have no place on a company blog, in my opinion. After all, you don't want to be a full-time blogger, but sell your products/services. Why do you need Amazon then? That really doesn't reflect well on you. (For a private blog, advertisements are of course an important and acceptable source of income).
  • Blasphemy does not work at all. Neither should you put down your competitors nor talk badly about employees or customers. Not even packaged as a funny story. Whether a negative opinion is justified or not, it always reflects badly on you and your company. Only those who need to drag others through the mud do so.

Conclusion: plan, write ... and drink tea

A corporate blog can bring you more traffic, more trust and ultimately more customers. However, there is one thing you should not lose sight of in all of this: Patience. It takes time before a blog really shows measurable success. It may well take a year before you see a significant increase in visitors.

I admit, compared to social media, that's half an eternity. But in return, with a corporate blog you have full control over your content and user privacy. And that is worth a lot.

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