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Like all social networks, Facebook is very dynamic. Rules that applied two years ago are long outdated. What should entrepreneurs consider when Facebook marketing? An expert talk by Antoine Dupont offers valuable insights into today's successful Facebook marketing strategies. A summary.

Opinions are divided on Facebook. Some of the younger generation don't even register, because Instagram is more popular with young people. In certain circles, I also hear of many dropouts who want to distance themselves from the network for personal reasons. Nevertheless, there are still around 2.3 billion Facebook users worldwide (Status 2018). That's a whopping 30% of the world's population!!!

Facebook marketing is therefore still a promising business strategy.

But I have become unsure. It seems more tedious than ever and the reach isn't what it used to be either. Is it even possible to successfully establish Facebook in one's business these days? Especially when it comes to small and medium-sized businesses that have limited time and money resources? And if so, which Facebook marketing strategies should we pursue in 2019?

Efficient Facebook marketing strategies

In my search for answers, I came across an exceptionally memorable Presentation by Antoine Dupont a successful digital Marketing expertn. The statements are helpful - and not only for the big players among us.

At the end of this article, I link to the corresponding video. If you speak English and have an hour to spare, I highly recommend watching it.

However, if you prefer it in German or are in a hurry, you can read the core statements of the lecture below: 

8 important Facebook facts


Nobody wants to buy anything on Facebook

If you are on Facebook, you do not intend to buy anything. That is why you should not try to buy anything there. sell.


The organic contribution reach goes towards zero

Post reach refers to the number of people in whose newsfeed posts from your Facebook page were displayed. Organic reach refers to unpaid posts and is only around 1-3 %. Sad, but true. The alternative is paid posts - the so-called Facebook Ads.


It's all about likes, shares and comments....

This point is self-explanatory.


 ... especially comments!

 ... especially comments!

The more and the longer the comments, the better. Facebook itself speaks of "engagement".


Facebook shows content we love and hides anything boring

The more and the longer the comments, the better. Facebook itself speaks of "engagement".

Facebook's goal is to create a good user experience. The Facebook feed is therefore like a shop window. Only attractive content is presented to the outside world. Everything else disappears on the rummage table or in the warehouse where no one will find it.

In other words, posts that get no likes and are neither shared nor commented on are considered uninteresting and are not displayed.


The most popular content on social media - including Facebook - are:

  • inspirational/(educational) (25%)
  • funny (17%)
  • and/or entertaining (15%)


The three important E's: Engage, Educate & Entertain

In German, this means: Engagement, education and entertainment are the focus of Facebook.


First comes the added value, then the trust - and with it the audience

The more and the longer the comments, the better. Facebook itself speaks of "engagement".

 The amount of trust you earn, is proportionate to the value you provide (Antoine Dupont).

This means, conversely: the smaller a community, the higher the need for added value to be delivered. Because only that creates trust and only then will the fans come. Many make a fundamental mistake by thinking "I barely have any followers yet, who am I going to post good content for?" But if you don't post anything good, you will never get fans.


The most important DONT'S on Facebook

Share boring content - and then disappear

Most companies make the mistake of sharing one boring post after another. In the worst case, without comment or any effort to get people to engage. Dupond talks about "post & disappear" (Eng: post & disappear). It is the death sentence of every page.

Like your own content

Um yeah... that's just sad. Especially when they are the first and only likes.

Put quantity before quality

"As many posts as possible" is not a measure of success. Because it does no good at all to share a bad post every day that nobody is interested in. Instead, you should e.g. rather share once a week the one, ultimate content that makes a difference.

The most important DO'S on Facebook

Post & Engage

To achieve this, according to Dupont, you have to before each post ask these 3 questions:

  • does it make me laugh (or feel other emotional stirrings)?
  • does it bring added value? (Learning effect, entertainment...)
  • does it make me want to join/engage (i.e. like, share or comment)?

Ideally, you can answer all three questions with a "yes". 3x No means in any case NOT posting.

Be authentic

Facebook users want people, not machines. So be yourself and Show humanity. And do not try to imitate others

Answer the questions of the target group with the contributions

Far too often, companies base the planning of their contributions on what they find interesting. Or what theywantthat people know should. But mostly these are not the questions of Facebook users. The art is to answer exactly the questions of the users with the contributions. A helpful and free tool for this is Answer the public.

By the way: A question that comes up again and again in most keyword research is: How much does it cost? Many companies find it difficult to answer this question; we don't like to talk about prices. But that's exactly what people are interested in. So tell them.

Start a Facebook group

Facebook groups are THE places where engagement happens. Forming a group around a common purpose or interest is therefore strongly recommended.

  • The goal: 30 superfans (= super active group members) who keep the group going.
  • The two golden group rules: do not post advertising and do not post insults

Videos, videos, videos

Videos generate 18x more engagement than any other content format! Moreover, according to Dupont, Facebook will consist almost exclusively of videos by 2020. That's why everyone should try to put time and money into producing videos.

But please no promotional videos - because no one wants to watch advertising. The following are recommended instead educational videos with a recognisable added value, for example How To's. That sounds like a lot of (new) work at first. It certainly is. But the good news is: it may be simple - and in many cases even a smartphone is enough for the recording.

Show patience

A community cannot be built overnight. On the contrary - it can take very many months. Most people give up too quickly.

Start NOW

Now. Not in a few weeks. Because Facebook will not be accessible to businesses in this way forever. It is still affordable to run Facebook Ads and thus increase your reach. But in all likelihood, paid posts will become more expensive in the future - and thus no longer financially viable for many small enterprises.

Instead of spending money on advertising that nobody wants to see, you should therefore use this money to attract attention with good content on Facebook.

Click here for the lecture...


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