7 good resolutions for a great website

by Guidebook

It's that time again, the end of the year is approaching. And with each new year, we once again dig up our lost motivation and all the good resolutions from nirvana. Quit smoking, go jogging regularly, save more money, work less... How about a few good resolutions for your website for a change?

This will strengthen your online presence and maybe at least the money saving will take care of itself. Well, you still have to go jogging - but you can do that during the breaks.

New year, new website, new luck!


FINALLY implement the GDPR

On 25 May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO for short) came into force. Months beforehand, it had the online community in a state of fear. And even today, the issue is far from off the table. The laws are opaque, difficult to understand and, at least in part, simply incomprehensible. In addition, the implementation simply means a lot of work - at least at the beginning. That's why many small businesses and bloggers have shied away from the agonising task or given up halfway through.

But there's no excuse for not doing something, and even if many must-dos in connection with the GDPR lead to stunned shaking of the head: it's all for nothing. Because what must, must - and better late than never. A wonderful guide - not only for bloggers - is provided by this article from Datenschmutz.net.


Blog regularly again - or start doing so

No matter if you are a master carpenter, a gardener or a yoga teacher. A (corporate) blog gives your site dynamism, leads interested readers to you and is therefore not only relevant for the traditional blogger. You can find out why regular blogging can lead to more success and how to put this good resolution into practice in this contribution.


Bringing links up to date

The more content a website builds up over time, the larger the link graveyards that sooner or later accumulate. External links are a sign of good "service", as they provide the reader with further information. But dead links are correspondingly annoying and should be cleaned out regularly. If you use WordPress, you can make use of plug-ins for this purpose, for example the free Broken Link Checker.

And while you're at it: it can't hurt to strengthen your internal linking either.


Making texts fit for the internet (aka graphic writing)

If you write books, you don't have to worry about text design and graphic writing. But on the web, the reading behaviour of users is completely different. Instead of reading content sentence by sentence, they scan it - and monotonous text blocks make scanning much more difficult. That is why you should Text design of your website a few things to keep in mind. A wonderful New Year's resolution!


Search engine optimisation - Yeah!

Sounds very technical and boring, but it's not that hard (and not that boring). SEO makes your website's heart (= good relevant content) beat faster by improving your ranking. And better ranking means more visibility and thus more traffic. So take the plunge - it's worth it. Click here for the SEO guide.


Get (to) know Instagram

If you look at the social media behaviour of youth and young adults, you quickly realise: Facebook was yesterday, the future belongs to Instagram and we are getting old. Of course, that doesn't mean that today you have to post your Facebook page close and have to fall into the midlife crisis. They just say that it can't hurt to start the new year with an Instagram account. For a little introduction to the social media world of the modern age, it might be worth asking your offspring for advice.


Snap more photos

Images are an important part of any website. And your own pictures are better suited than stock photos, because uniqueness makes the hearts of users and search engines beat faster. Therefore, it can't hurt to acquire a few basic skills in using a camera. For social media - especially Instagram - a good mobile phone camera will do.

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