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We are WebArtisan. We design individual Solutions.

Our mission

Whether it's an established company, a start-up or a one-man-show; whether it's funnel automation, plugin development, design, frontend, shop-window page, whether it's a payment interface, data-mining or big silverware: we understand you and help you. Together we will find the right solution: we promise. We support your processes. And beware: we ask uncomfortable questions. We think with you, not for you 😉. 


At the beginning of a project, we collect data to better understand your project. Initial analyses and discussions on how to proceed help us here.


A strategy with measurable goals is the centre of our collective planning activities. It represents the roadmap for our collective project.


Once the goals and the project process have been defined and agreed, our team implements your ideas and wishes in the areas of design and development. Your digital experience is created.


We learn from the experience of phases that have already been completed. In agile project management, we can therefore always respond to new ideas and changes during the course of the project.


Even after the project has been completed, it is important to continuously improve it. This is how you stay a few steps ahead of the competition and tap into your potential.

Creative minds & coding experts

Our team

We are a powerful team: clearly structured. Design, backend, frontend and project management. We serve clients from all over the German-speaking world. The right combination of creativity, technology and strategy are the basis of our work.

We are small enough to be flexible, but also big enough to handle complex projects. 

You can find us here


Reilstraße 85a
06114 Halle (Saale)

Contact person: Hendrik Schäfer

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Our services

Planning & Strategy

Web design & web development

Online shops

Maintenance & Support

Technologies & Tools

Tools for our projects

We know how important communication, organisation and structure are for the success of a project. Especially when you work remotely. To make our work efficient, we use the best tools and invite you to use them.

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