Unique Content - Unique content is worth its weight in gold

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Good contents are the be-all and end-all in SEO Optimisation. These must provide adequate answers to the user's questions and must necessarily be unique. Unique Content ("unique content") is the basic prerequisite for any successful internet presence - whether you run a blog, an online shop or a company website. Such content is characterised by the fact that it is only unique are to be found on the net. Your texts must therefore never be copied from other sources, not even in part.

It's the same principle as with the thesis: writing off can cost you success.

However, unique content is not only unique in the sense of "not duplicated", but also impressive and high-quality. They must offer the reader added value. It is not advisable to merely put into other words information that already exists X times on the net. Such pages usually get lost in the masses. In addition, content must always be relevant to the corresponding keywords, i.e. it must respond to the user's search intention. Offer your users something new, exciting, creative - something they cannot otherwise find in this quality. Stand out from other content.

In contrast to unique content, the "Duplicate content"for content that can be found several times on the website. Such duplications are pure poison for your website. In the worst case, it can even have penal consequences and lead to your site being removed from the Google index is banished.

Anyone can create unique content

Unique content is not witchcraft. Everyone is capable of creating unique content. If you want to make your own thoughts write it down, it happens quite automatically. But even if you Information from other sources you can use them in your own wordsreproduce. It is always helpful to use several sources to research information. This way you do not run the risk of taking too much from one source. Always use your own style and structure content individually. Quotes are of course permitted - they can even lighten up a text in a positive way. However, you should always mark quotations accordingly and choose them carefully.

Uniqueness promotes your search engine relevance

Google is getting better and better at distinguishing good information from worthless information. At the latest since the Panda update it has therefore become even more important to produce high-quality and unique content. The reason is obvious: search engines want satisfied users. If your site cannot offer this or simply repeats existing content, it will be pushed into the category "doesn't do anything, can go away".

So with original and unique content, you score points with search engines and also avoid the risk of being downgraded. Copied contents leave a bad impression on Google in any case. It can even come to the point that your page is completely removed from the Search engine index is deleted. When that happens, there is little chance of getting back on the ranking bandwagon. Your page remains invisible. Moreover, plagiarism can also penal consequences associated with high costs and lasting damage to your reputation.

Unique content strengthens your reputation with users

However, uniqueness is not only relevant for search engines. You also leave a good impression on your users. Readers notice whether a page Diligence and personality or simply serves the purpose of ranking as high as possible. 0815 content is never well received. In the best case, the user leaves your website disinterested. In the worst case, he leaves somewhere negative reviews or comments. Obviously copied content fundamentally harms your Authenticity and trustworthiness. Why should anyone visit your site when they can get the information from the "real" original sources instead?

Only with unique content will you build up a long-term visitor base that likes to use your site and will recommend it to others. And if the users are happy, then Mr. Google is happy too.

Duplicate content also happens by mistake

Nasty text theft from other websites is not always behind the nasty "duplicate content". It often happens unconsciously. For example within your own websiteYou, as the website operator, can publish the same content via different URLs. In this case, it is your own idea, but for the search engine this no longer represents unique content. The use of the same text elements, such as page teasers or introductions for different articles, should therefore be avoided.

Also Product descriptionswhich are unavoidable for an online shop, are often copied more or less unintentionally. Designing these individually is indeed not easy, because there is not much room for creativity and uniqueness here. Finally, no false statements may be made. Nevertheless, the same applies here: Do not simply copy the manufacturer's description under any circumstances and do not use the same product description for similar products within your page either.

Copyscape - Detecting duplicates on the net

As a website operator, you can always opt for unique content and thus take the success of your website into your own hands. Unfortunately, however, this does not prevent others from playing with the wrong cards. Your content can also be copied with one click. Or copied content can be sold to you as new. In fact, this is a tricky matter, because in the worst case, the search engine can punish you for other people's mistakes.

Fortunately, there is the possibility to check the net for potential duplicates. Copyscape offers you this possibility. In the basic version you can free of charge and without registration Check your URLs for plagiarism. To do this, simply enter the URL with the content to be checked in the input field. In this way, you can quickly and easily find copied content - or, in the best case, exclude it.

Conclusion - Unique Content

Unique high-quality content with added value for the user is the heart of your website. Without it, you will not be able to succeed in the long term. Unique content not only promotes your position in the search engine results list and thus your visibility, but also your popularity with users. So the time you invest in creating good content is literally worth its weight in gold.

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